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Rani Glick Wellness

88 Winchester St Toronto ON M4X 1B2

In 2013, I began studying holistic nutrition and became a Certified Nutritionist Practitioner (CNP) from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto in 2014 and started my business The Wellness Wagon shortly thereafter. I later became a Functional Aging Specialist (personal trainer for aging adult) in 2016. My personal story that inspired my passions for nutrition and functional health came from growing up in a family full of illness. At a young age, I had to step in and take control of their care with very little knowledge. As an adult, struggling with my own health issues and raising my family, I figured out that I could make better health choices by eating whole foods, exercising regularly and using alternative therapies and supplements to treat myself rather than going the same route as my family. Today as a health practitioner, I have been able to apply that knowledge and guide my family towards better quality of life choices.